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4 Reasons Why Learning Children’s Self-Defence Is Important

Posted: September 13, 2022

Self-defence training hosts a variety of benefits for children of all ages. This blog aims to explore what we believe are the four main reasons why learning self-defence as a child is important.

At Ellis Academy of Self Defence, we cater for all ages and skill levels as we believe that learning the art of self-defence from a young age is essential for reaping the rewards later down the line. That being said, it is never too late to start learning, we also host a variety of adult martial arts classes too. 

Learning self-defence as a child is important for the development of many skills, primarily, the following four.

Why Is Self-Defence Important For A Child To Learn?

We believe that learning martial arts as a child and the skills of self-defence that come with these practices host essential benefits for a child’s development.

Life Skills

Children most often experience sheltered environments in their school lives particularly, which do not equip them for the unfortunate dangers of the real world in this day and age. More and more attacks are happening in streets across the UK and without knowledge of self-defence, these attacks can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal consequences.

Learning self-defence offers a child life skills that they can present in real-life situations to protect themselves from danger. 

By offering children these life skills through the teaching of self-defence practices, they are then better equipped for an independent life as an adult where they can keep themselves safe. Noticing signs of attacks can save children from being in dangerous situations in their lives.


Not only do martial arts classes teach children how to defend themselves and protect themselves in the world, but it also teaches them discipline, another important factor within self-defence. Discipline within self-defence classes can present itself in many ways.

The first way we talk about discipline is the simple notion of turning up to a class, listening to a leader and following instructions. This then translates to the discipline shown to children at home or in their school settings. Guiding children to follow instructions and listen to authoritative figures is an important lesson they can take throughout their lives. 

Self-defence also teaches children discipline through the art of when to stop. Key techniques such as tapping out allow children to better understand safety and the art of discipline within a self-defence situation, for example, when to let go.


Arguably one of the most important lessons that self-defence classes teach children at a young age. Many children can struggle in their school settings or at home, with confidence, maybe this child is one of many siblings at home, or doesn’t engage with the classes at school.

Allowing a child to develop a skill and a hobby in the same space will better their confidence. Martial arts classes are about not only learning a skill but learning about oneself. Many students can flourish in a room filled with others who share their passion and are on the same journey as them.

Physical Activity

Sure, self-defence training teaches children many transferable skills and mental resilience but it also hosts huge benefits for a child’s physical health. Learning self-defence is important as it teaches them endurance, strength, stamina, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

The repetition of these skills in frequent classes allows children to develop an awareness and control of their bodies whilst benefitting them physically.

Why Learning Children’s Self-Defence At Ellis Academy Of Self Defence

At Ellis Academy, we host a number of classes for children of different ages. From the age of 3, a child attending our school can learn the four important factors discussed in this blog.

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