The Habit of Persistance

The Habit of Persistance

Nearly every story of great success and achievement is an example of Persistence. Greatness and success rarely occurs without many years of hard work and dedication put forth toward a worthy goal.

That’s true in the Martial Arts and it’s true in the history of mankind. Most of the time, the person that raises their hand in victory, has overcome the odds and developed the habit of persistence.


Every White Belt that is persistent and decides that they are going to achieve their Black Belt. That nothing will get in their way, sooner or later…the White Belt that never quits will earn their Black Belt and appreciate it even more because of the obstacles and setbacks they overcame.


  1.  The art of seeing things through to the finish line, developing the habit of completion. Keeping  yourself focused on the goal and ready to  overcome all obstacles that may be encountered.


Fall down seven times…get up eight!

                           - Ancient Japanese Proverb


Persistence breaks down resistance…


The next time you encounter an obstacle and feel down or become discouraged, think like Black Belt Champion. Any worthwhile goal such as achieving a Black Belt is going to require some sacrifice, lot’s of effort,energy and plenty of persistence.

Stick to it until you do it! 

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