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Calm and Confident

Posted: March 20, 2020

Calm and Confident.

The world is changed for us and we know a lot is happening right now to keep everyone safe.


Please view our Facebook video with some updates on how our schools are navigating the current COVID-19 issues.

Remember, the best mindset to have in the following days is one that is ‘calm and confident.’

What we have learned

  • This is a new health crisis to all businesses, but the main goal is to limit the spread and keep the health services accessible and able to aid the surrounding communities.
  • Martial Arts schools, much like educational schools, are a place of gathering. A lot of similar institutions are taking action to ensure the safety of both their students and staff by postponing classes until further notice from officials.

What actions we have taken in our own schools

  • The Ellis Academy is transitioning all classes to online only as a way to offer training virtually to our families and allow them to train safely and comfortably within their own homes.
  • We are not closing, we are transitioning to online-only classes via Vimeo and Zoom, much like our surrounding universities and colleges are also doing.
  • We want to remain connected with our community while still practising safe social distancing and the internet has fortunately provided us the means to do so. This is the best time to develop great retention with families and connect via social media or other platforms. We want to continue to motivate and encourage the mindsets of students who are stuck at home.


We are honoured to have you part of our martial arts family.

Thank you and remember… Calm and Confident.


Thank You

The Ellis Academy Team



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