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Don't kick the Couch !

Posted: March 26, 2020

Making the transition to online training can have its benefits and disadvantages. Set up your device so that we can see you; also the lighting is very important. Make sure that the room is illuminated so that we can see you. 

The Zoom app has a lot of features that you can control. The Audio and Visual can be switched off/on. Backgrounds can be changed and we can schedule private lessons which you will be able to book via Facebook. 

Classes are available to all students and we encourage you to attend more than one class per week; why not all the classes?  More the merrier. 

I think for now the experience has been positive. Attendance has been high and it’s great to see everyone keeping in a routine. Keep up the great work and if you need anything please ask. 

Stay home, Save Lives, Flatten the Curve. 



Every week we are making video content for you to practice at home. 

For Yong Gi Musul Patterns Please check out:

Pattern 1:

Pattern 2:

Pattern 3:

Pattern 4:

Pattern 5:

Pattern 6:

Pattern 7:

Pattern 8:

Pattern 9:

All videos can be downloaded and saved on your PC / laptop or device. 


For Jiu-Jitsu guys Checker, the dog is a bit reluctant to put on a Gi but give me time he’ll turn around. Uploading content for you guys soon. 

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