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My Word is Law! - Self Discipline

Posted: October 15, 2018


 Many of us know that self-discipline is the single most important quality a Martial Artist can have. A disciplined person is someone who knows what to do and then does it. Someone without self-discipline may know what they should do, but unless it’s what they want to do, they often don’t do it.

The simplest way to develop self-discipline is to use the concept “My Word Is Law”. “My Word Is Law” means that you do anything and everything that you say you are going to do. The two keys to having success in the “My Word Is Law” principle are, first off, only commit to do things that you really intend to do. This means that you will be saying “no” to a lot of things that you might have said “yes” to in the past! The second key is to absolutely follow through with whatever you commit to do. If you use this strategy, you will find your self-discipline increasing multi-fold.

When someone’s word is law, what kinds of opinions do others have of that person? (They should respond with words like “respected,” “trusted,” “you can count on them” etc.)