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Royce Gracie in the UK

Posted: February 24, 2020

Royce Gracie network seminar. - on the 19th February 2020 Royce Gracie was in the UK on a stopover to head towards Bellator MMA in Dublin Ireland.

Being a Royce Gracie instructor I always want to learn from my teacher, not only what he is teaching but also how he teaches. Royce has a way of expressing himself in a direct and obvious tone; “Do this, No… This way, That’s it.” Royce has this presence in the room and he commands every part of it. In this session we looked at a clinch from a side kick, closing the distance, wrapping your arms around the attacker and taking the back. Making sure that you head is facing down and your arm is covering your face… A healthy slap came your way if you head was showing. As Royce is relaxing he’s humour is coming out. Next came a double leg takedown. A simple technique that you think you know. A small detail corrects the whole thing. It was also great to catch up with the other Network work members. Jon Hegan (black belt) Chris Pritchard (Brown belt) and Amir Korzan (Blue belt). Theses gentleman have amazing schools and are great teachers. Royce Gracie is back in May at the Ellis Academy. If anyone would like to join us please call 01737 7671 999 or contact us through

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