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Smiles all round!

Posted: March 09, 2020

So what makes a child smile? 

We love it when we see our children smile. As parents, we want the best for our kids so we can see them grow up confident and make the right decisions in life. 

Small victories are key to developing confidence whether that would be in academics or sports. When children are making progress they feel empowered and contented. When the body, mind & spirit work as one there is nothing our children can't do.

We convey to our children that working hard, being consistent and making good decisions will lead to success. This means they recognise that earning something is better than just expecting it. 

When children participate in Martial arts they are encouraged to follow instructions to perform that technique well. Getting stripes and belts marks that success. So does this make our children smile? I believe so.

We have taught thousands of children over the past 20 years and every time we tie a belt around a child's waist you see the delight in their face.

-Master Chris Ellis

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