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Staying Safe This Christmas

Posted: December 17, 2021

Christmas time means people are making merry all over the country and getting into the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, the rise in people drinking can lead to boisterousness. This results in a rise in attacks and assaults.

If you're walking home or planning on visiting bars or pubs this Christmas, then you need to be able to protect yourself. This Ellis Academy blog is going to share with you some tips for staying safe this Christmas.

Try And Walk Home When It’s Light

It’s always better to walk home when it’s light, staying in well-populated areas is also a good idea to ensure you’re not alone. Unfortunately, in winter it can get dark a lot earlier than usual and you might not get a chance to walk home when it’s light.

Try and stay in well-lit areas so you can make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

Try and Stay In a Group

It’s not always a good idea to stay out late, especially alone and during busy periods, like the Christmas season. If possible, try and go out with at least one other person, a group of people is even better.

Make sure you have someone with you, and you can both keep track of where one another is always. If you can, try and travel home with another person in your group so that you can make sure that you both get home safely.

If you do have to walk home alone, act as though you’re in the middle of a phone call. Pretend you are telling the other person in the other line that you are walking home and your location, this can deter people from attacking you.

Try Not To Drink Too Much

We understand that the festive season is a time to have fun and be with the special ones around you, but when you start to feel like you are losing control, then you should stop.

If you want to stay safe at Christmas, we’d recommend not drinking too much. This way you’re always in control of your actions. If you have a friend with you, make sure that you and they are sensible and that one of you can help the other if you do end up drinking too much and need help getting home.

Consider Carrying Something To Help You Scare An Attacker Off

If you are really concerned that someone may attack you, then you could always carry a self-defence mechanism. Please remember to never carry a weapon with you. Carrying knives and other illegal weapons is seriously dangerous and something you should never do. It will only end badly.

There are, however, other, safer ways of defending yourself against attacks. A lot of people choose to carry their keys. If you do need to punch or push someone away it will be more effective than just your bare fists.

There are also items like pepper spray or alarms that you can use if you are worried someone will attack you. Pepper spray will temperately blind your attacker and give you time to getaway. Whereas an alarm will alert people to your location.

Unfortunately, these methods of self defence are not always effective. The perfect scenario would be to get some expert training on how to defend yourself before you end up in a situation where you're effectively useless.

Look Into Taking Some Self Defence Classes

Self defence is an excellent way to defend yourself against potential attacks, especially when walking home at night.

With self defence training you will have the skills necessary to fend off a potential attacker. You will also gain confidence knowing your skillset will defend yourself in external environments.

Self defence training will teach you how to accurately and efficiently defend yourself against others. Our classes give you the platform to practice in an environment that will be helpful and encouraging.

Here at Ellis Academy Of Self Defence, we have classes for people of all ages. Our program is designed to teach you all you need to know about self defence. And in a way that is fun and engaging, so you will never get bored.

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