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The Benefits Of Martial Arts For Youths

Posted: July 21, 2021

The benefits of martial arts for youths is unquestionable. With good guidance and training, the benefits of martial arts for youths extends further than you would imagine.


Let’s get it straight, exercise for youths is great. Martial arts doesn’t just improve the mental and physical health of adults, it also provides distinct advantages for their development.


I can imagine if you grew up in the ’80s or 90’s you will be familiar with Karate Kid or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Give me a second to explain.


Now that you’ve got ninjas on your mind you’re probably weighing up the costs of sending your child and the damage they could do to you and your house.


Discipline is an aspect they get taught so don’t worry they won’t cause chaos.  


In this blog, we look at the mental and physical benefits of martial arts for youths.


What Do Children Gain From Martial Arts?


As a martial arts instructor, you will know the joy children have whilst learning and practising martial art.


There are multiple reasons why children should learn a martial art and we’re going to share them with you to encourage you to sign your children up so they can start reaping the benefits!




A martial arts gym is a place that demands respect, focus and honour.


Martial arts will teach youths the art of self-discipline. Youths in this day and age are very demanding to the point where they usually get what they want when they want.


Martial Arts will teach restraints and patience.


Firstly, it gives them emotional control and allows them to have boundaries in social settings. Acting recklessly whilst training will only dampen their progress, they’ll soon learn the ropes and strict routines to control their emotions and channel them more positively.


Secondly, they’ll channel the obstruction of a challenge to now end with a conclusion. This does require respect, focus and self-restraint – all things that qualify as excellent life skills.


Many parents did notice an increased level of compliance at home once their child begins practising martial art.


Increases Self-Esteem And Confidence


Increasing confidence and self-esteem comes from learning a new skill, achievement and progression.


Within martial arts, there are different levels of skill, working through the ranks shows hard work pays off meaning they have something to be confident about.


Students will need to work together with other students in the class and even perform their skills in front of people during grading or special events.


Whilst martial art is typically an individual sport, working together as a team is a vital part of the training. Working in pairs is part of a martial arts routine, this is where students can practise their techniques.




Something that all parents will love to hear. Listening is a key component when it comes to performing the techniques of martial arts.


It teaches listening on a one-to-one basis as well as in a group and demonstrating these skills allows children to progress through the belts.


Self Defence


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, getting a phone call saying your child is being bullied or in danger.


Imagine the relief of knowing your child would be able to defend themselves, should they ever get in an altercation.


Your child gets taught how to find the safest way out of the situation and will only use martial art; at the last resort.


The good news is that the Ellis Academy of Self Defence in Redhill is the perfect companion to help you raise a strong, confident, focused leader who knows how to defend himself.


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu At Ellis Academy


Our focus here at Ellis Academy is self-defence. Our programme is based on Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, with easy fundamentals and instinctive movements, our system is designed for a real-life scenario, and we aim to teach it in the shortest possible time.


All of our instructors are certified black belts, qualified, and professionally trained to teach martial arts. Our facility is always clean, and we have an extensive schedule for all age groups.


Our academy is situated in Surrey, to find out more about our self-defence programme and the real-life benefits of learning this ‘gentle art’ don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Alternatively, If would you like any more information, tips or advice, visit our blog page.