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  • 7 Ways to stay motivated, productive and positive during lockdown.

    7 Ways to stay motivated, productive and positive during lockdown.

    by Libby McCaughey..... Panic surrounding COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress and anxiety; with confirmed cases rising, stock market volatility and worrying for loved ones, it’s completely understandable that people feel emotional at this time. With most of the nation now working from home making huge changes to their normal routine, it is important that we are all taking care of our mental health – with all the above stress combined with no social contact for the next few weeks it’s fair to say we will all be feeling cabin fever soon. Here are a few simple tips/reminders to help keep you motivated, productive and most importantly positive during this time!
    Try ....

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  • COVID-19 Government support for families and businesses

    COVID-19 Government support for families and businesses

    Martin Lewis from has some clear advice for everyone. please take a minute to view and see if this benefits you in any way. Please copy and paste the URL into your browser. ....

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  • We are grateful.

    We are grateful.

    With everybody in lockdown to subdue the Coronavirus, we would like to say Thank You to all the Emergency services keeping our community safe during this difficult time. We really do appreciate the sacrifice you are making. Stay safe ....

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  • Don't kick the Couch !

    Don't kick the Couch !

    Making the transition to online training can have its benefits and disadvantages. Set up your device so that we can see you; also the lighting is very important. Make sure that the room is illuminated so that we can see you. The Zoom app has a lot of features that you can control. The Audio and Visual can be switched off/on. Backgrounds can be changed and we can schedule private lessons which you will be able to book via Facebook. Classes are available to all students and we encourage you to attend more than one class per week; why not all the classes? More the merrier. I think for now the experience has been positive. Attendance has been high and it’s great to see ....

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  • First online training. 72 students!

    First online training. 72 students!

    72 Students tuned in to train with Mr and Mrs Ellis on our first day.. The UK Government have locked down all non-essential business and service to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Our amazing students are staying at home self-isolating so that the NHS can cope with the increase of cases and have enough beds for the sick. keep up the good work and See you in your living room. Stay home - Save a life. ....

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  • Calm and Confident

    Calm and Confident

    Calm and Confident.
    The world is changed for us and we know a lot is happening right now to keep everyone safe. Please view our Facebook video with some updates on how our schools are navigating the current COVID-19 issues. Remember, the best mindset to have in the following days is one that is ‘calm and confident.’ What we have learned

    This is a new health crisis to all businesses, but the main goal is to limit the spread and keep the health services accessible and able to aid the surrounding communities.
    Martial Arts schools, much like educational schools, are a place of gathering. A lot of similar institutions ....

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  • Virtual Training!

    Virtual Training!

    A national crisis. Coronavirus has us changing the way we have to work and continue training in the Martial Arts. Our Academy will stay open as long as the local schools are. We are still running classes normally for now but we know that some of our students will have to self-isolate if they have any symptoms relating to the virus. From Monday 23rd March 2020 we will video our classes online via So how does this work? We will email our students with a link to their scheduled class. You will be able to join our session and participate at home. This is the first time we have done this so there will be teething problems, please be patientwith us as we work it out. We will do ....

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  • Coronavirus update

    Coronavirus update

    To: All Students and Family Members Re: Cleanliness and COVID-19 Our Commitment to You and Your Family During the Coronavirus Outbreak Dear Students and Family Members, I personally wanted to reach out and let you know that our entire team at the Ellis academy of self defence considers you a part of our own family and we are doing everything we can to keep you safe during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We understand that while in the midst of this outbreak, you are very concerned about the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones. Because of this, I wanted to let you know of all the safety, cleanliness, and preparatory steps that we take each and ....

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  • Teens Karate / Kickboxing

    Teens Karate / Kickboxing

    Our teen karate/kickboxing program run by Academy founder Master Virginia Ellis is incredibly popular. With high energy drills and discipline, our teens can express themselves through striving for excellence in every form and drill they do. This is an amazing group, they are focused, intelligent and willing to work hard at improving their skill set and helping others. Our teen's classes are from Monday to Thursday at 5:15 pm. ....

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