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Blog Title Graphic - What is the Easiest Martial Art to Get a Black Belt In?

What is the Easiest Martial Art to Get a Black Belt In?

Posted: June 14, 2022

There is a long list of martial arts, all with their own training techniques and ranking systems. This blog aims to explore what is the easiest martial art to get a black belt in.

With all martial arts training, it can take a student years to be of the right expertise and level to be awarded a black belt. This blog will uncover different martial arts and how quickly it is on average to climb the ranking system for each practice.

The Easiest Martial Art

When exploring martial arts, it isn’t as black and white as identifying the ‘easiest’. All practices of martial arts come with a level of skill that is required to gain any sort of belt. Reaping the rewards of any martial arts practice requires significant determination, discipline, and effort and so, as a matter of fact, none of them is particularly ‘easy’.

Unlike other hobbies, martial arts come with a variety of advantages that can be applied to real-life situations. It teaches one to be disciplined, and self-defend and hosts an array of health benefits for an individual.

Surely, nothing that comes with such significant benefits should be regarded as easy.

Despite the thorough conditioning of one's body and mind in martial arts training demanding so much commitment - if you are getting into martial arts solely to compete and work up the ranking systems, some practices are ‘easier’ than others in terms of progression. 

Achieving A Black Belt In Martial Arts

Earning a black belt is a commendable achievement. The belt holds great significance for a student who has worked hard and endured training for years, displaying discipline, physical and mental strength, and responsibility.

Achieving a black belt, no matter the practice of martial arts takes years. Each coloured belt leading to the black belt holds its own purpose and meaning.

White – Signifies a student is open to gaining knowledge in the practice.

Yellow – The colour that symbolises new strength.

Orange – Is like yellow, in its depiction of sunlight. The orange belt represents power and preparation for development.

Green – This colour belt shows that a student has learnt the basics and is ready to grow and strengthen their techniques.

Blue – Symbolising the colour of the sky, this belt is awarded to students who are moving upward in their training.

Purple – This shows the student is undergoing change and has gained enough experience to work toward the black belt.

Brown – The brown belt symbolises maturity, awarded to students who are ready to see the results of their work.

And finally, the black belt – This colour is the ultimate goal of any martial arts student. It signifies enough knowledge to teach and lead.

Each school and practice of martial arts has its own belt ranking system; however, the ultimate goal is to work towards the black belt.

What is the Easiest Martial Art to Get a Black Belt In?

As discussed, it’s not necessarily a question of which martial arts is easier, as they all come with a level of difficulty. It is instead perhaps a question of which martial arts is it quicker to achieve a black belt in?

Strictly speaking, the progression towards the black belt largely depends on the dedication and commitment of the student.

Practices such as jiu-jitsu and karate however often take years of physical and mental growth to work up through the ranking systems. Karate typically takes five years to receive a black belt, jiu-jitsu can take up to ten!

It is usually practices such as Judo and Tae Kwon Do that may take an average of 3 years for a student to receive their first black belt “dan” which commonly refers to the level or stage of black belt.

The pace and ease with which a student can progress to the black belt are largely dependent on the schooland its curriculum.

A sign of a good martial arts school is that that values the importance of martial arts and its application to the real world. Martial arts is largely about personal growth and spiritual development as much as it is about competition and physical strength resistance.

Ellis Academy Of Self Defence

Our focus at Ellis Academy is not about moving students through the rankings quickly and easily but instead on the real-life benefits of self-defence and a student's personal growth.

The journey to black belt in Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – which is what our training specialises in is one of incremental learning that students of any age or level can embark on.

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