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Training with the Oklahoma City SWAT

Posted: February 20, 2020

Back in Early October 19 I had the pleasure to attend the Royce Gracie network meeting in Oklahoma . Some of the finest individuals on the planet.

During my Visit, members of the Oklahoma  SWAT team took me under their wing and help me learn how to shoot. 2000 rounds later my technique was commented as “surprising good for a Limey”.

Most of my trip comprised of Jiu Jitsu, guns and BBQ. I had a great time. Can't wait to go back..

Top 5 Reasons Parents Love Martial Arts

Posted: February 20, 2020

There are many reasons to  sign up your child(ren) for a martial arts program. If you are a parent looking to find a program for your child that you can support, here are five reasons why parents  find martial arts is a good fit for not just their children, but their entire family!

Teaches Discipline. Martial arts teaches kids about the importance of discipline and keeping a balanced lifestyle where they can have fun, reach goals, and learn self-defense too. Through drills and mat chats, kids can learn what they need to do to succeed and how to execute it on their own! Keeps Kids Active. There is no doubt that martial arts is great exercise and, unlike more boring and repetitive workouts, the process of training in martial arts is more exciting and fun for kids. 

My Word is Law! - Self Discipline

Posted: October 15, 2018


 Many of us know that self-discipline is the single most important quality a Martial Artist can have. A disciplined person is someone who knows what to do and then does it. Someone without self-discipline may know what they should do, but unless it’s what they want to do, they often don’t do it.

The simplest way to develop self-discipline is to use the concept “My Word Is Law”. “My Word Is Law” means that you do anything and everything that you say you are going to do. The two keys to having success in the “My Word Is Law” principle are, first off, only commit to do things that you really intend to do. This means that you will be saying “no” to a lot of things that you might have said “yes” to in the past! The second key is to absolutely follow through with whatever you commit to do. If you use this strategy, you will find your self-discipline increasing multi-fold.

Keep your emotions in Balance

Posted: June 24, 2018


The Black Belt Quality of “Keeping Your Emotions in Balance”. As the saying goes, “Lose control of your emotions in a fight and your opponent has an ally!” Every emotion has an appropriate time and place. There is a time to be stern and a time to be compassionate. If we become overly emotional, or if we become emotional when it doesn’t serve us, we lose our ability to think clearly and act appropriately. If, however, we are able to respond with the appropriate emotion, at the appropriate time, with the appropriate intensity, then our emotions work for us rather than against us.

An important thing to remember is that you are responsible for your actions. You may not be able to control your thoughts, but you certainly should be able to control what you do. So you might just decide not to say or do anything you could regret later when you are emotional. Logic and emotion are like oil and water…they don’t mix. Wait until you are calm before you confront someone with an issue or before you make any important decisions.

Dealing with obstacles

Posted: June 10, 2018


No matter what you are trying to accomplish, there will almost always be obstacles that get in your way of accomplishing your goals. It’s important to understand this before you begin. Just knowing this helps you prepare to overcome obstacles before you encounter them. The next step is to anticipate what kind of obstacles you are likely to encounter and prepare to address them before you encounter them. If you know how to overcome an obstacle before you encounter it, you are much more likely to successfully overcome that obstacle.

Here are the keys to dealing with obstacles:

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